Community Visits

The majority of the semi-nomadic Masai people still practice their traditional way of life. They live as pastoralists in the middle of the bush with cattle at the centre of their culture. They are very happy to welcome guests and tell about their everyday life. Get in touch with this world-famous tribe get to know their culture and traditions on a visit to a traditional Masai village and a local primary school.

Traditional Masai Manyatta

The traditional Masai village is called a manyatta and consists of a number of small huts – made of mud, sticks, grass and cow dung made by the women. The huts are placed in a circle with livestock in the centre, protected by a fence made of acacia thorns against the nightly predators. Visitors will spend time at the village with a local Masai Guide learning about the every day life of a Masai, their culture and traditions. Visitors of a village will otain an entrance ticket – ensuring a decent income for the village to provide for basic necessities such as food stuffs, clothing or school fees.

Local primary school

Mara Siria Camp supports the Iltolischi Primary School. The school was built with the support of the camp. Local Masai children get to go to school like any other children – albeit getting up very early in the morning and sometimes walking through the bush for a long distancse.  The school has around xxx students and xxx teachers.  The school is a Kenyan Governmental school therefor providing free education for the children – however the governmental funding in rural areas is not sufficient and the camp and other well-wishers are contributing with financial support for teachers’ salaries, school fees, construction of classrooms and basic learning aids.


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