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Nature Walks

Explore the wonderful Oloololo-Escarpment together with our Masai guides on a Nature Walk. Discover the flora and fauna of Africa up close and enjoy wonderful views over the Masai Mara Triangle.

Our nature walks start directly from the Mara Siria camp. We offer shorter walks and bird watching in the vicinity of the camp and longer walks down to the banks of the Mara River with its hundreds of hippos and crocodiles. During this nature walk you will have the chance to see plain game like zebras, antelopes or giraffes from closeby. The Masai guides are dedicated to explain the Masai culture and share their skills in animal tracking and their immense knowledge about wildlife.
A very special moment during your stay at our camp and an exciting activity in the bush without staying in a vehicle.

Oloololo-Escarpment Nature Walk


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